What is not included?

TYPO3 and Extension Upgrades

We convert the data, but we won't upgrade your TYPO3 or any extensions. Of course - we could do this for you, but it is not included in the price and will cost extra. Ask us, if you need any help.

Adjusting of extensions

We don't fix problems in your target CMS or Extension. We take care about the quality of the converted content. Integration of the content into your new project is your job.

Bugs and differences of TemplaVoila

If the new TYPO3 Version (Core) works different as TemplaVoila and manual adjustments are necessary beside the converted content.

TODOs in your TYPO3 System

After converting, you have to adapt TypoScript, HTML Templates (create Fluid Templates) and much more. This isn't included in the price.


You are master over your data. That's why you have to take care about any backups, in case somthing went wrong. We suggest to make a full backup of your database and your filesystem before the start.

3rd party Addons

We don't take care about other extensions (addons) of Templavoila. Self made software and special cases are for you to deal with. The converter is only going to do his job on regular created templavoila pages and content.

Deleted data will not be converted

Content, which is marked as deleted in the TYPO3 database, will not be converted! So if you use the recycler of TYPO3 and restore old contentelements after converting, you don't get any content!

Fix wrong Database collation

We don’t respect wrong database collations or wrong letters in the database. It is possible, that older TYPO3 versions without the support of utf8 show content correctly in the frontend even though the content is stored incorrect in the database. In new TYPO3 versions this wont work so you need to adjust the data. If you need help, you can ask for our converting service.